On October 15, 2021 we will re-launch FMtexas.com to our viewers.

In conjunction with that launch, we will begin a weekly drawing for $100 held each Friday.

If you are currently a resident of Flower Mound and live in either zip code 75028 or 75022

you are already registered for that drawing.**

We currently have a database of 28,999 residential homes in those two zip codes and have assigned a number to each one of those homes.

The drawing will be held at a local business and/or organization and will be recorded on video.

The drawing will be conducted in the following manner -- a ping pong ball numbered from 00 to 28 will it be drawn from a jar. That will be the first two numbers of the winning number.  The third number will be drawn from a jar of 10 numbers 0 to 9.  The third number will be returned to the jar and a fourth number drawn. The fourth number will be returned to the jar and a fifth number drawn.

A phone call then will be placed to a local CPA firm and that number given to a person at the firm. They will then search the database to identify the address that corresponds to that randomly drawn number.


We will then post that winning number on our website and on our Facebook page with the phone number for that individual to call to claim their prize. Specific instructions will be given to the winner at that time.

FAQs about our Drawing

Question:  Will you contact the winner?

Answer: No, but we will publish it on our site and share the video to all of the major Flower Mound Facebook community pages. (With their approval of course.)

Question:  Who wins the owner or the renter?

Answer: The winner would be the FIRST person to prove that they are a resident of the address and certifies that they were a resident at the time of the drawing. If there are MULTIPLE residents the FIRST resident over the age of 18 who provides that information wins, only one award per drawing to the winning address.


Question:  Does the WINNER have to do anything?

Answer: No. We would ASK that they allow us to publish their name and possibly a photo of them receiving the $100, but it is not required.



Question:  Who wins if no one comes forward?

Answer: IF, in the unlikely event no one claims the money prior to the next drawing, that money will be awarded to the winner of that next drawing.


Any other questions can be asked by emailing jim@fmtexas.com

If you are a first responder and/or an employee of the Town you may add your address to the  database and be assigned a random number for future drawings.